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 Mohan Narayanaswamy
Founder & Owner

Reputation and quality

Travel Scope is a reputed DMC in the inbound travel industry in India. Led by our founder, Mohan Narayanaswamy, a well-respected and seasoned industry professional, the team of expert travel curators bring decades of experience to the table. Together, we curate highly experiential tours and seamlessly deliver the best to our guests who are on a journey of discovering the country. In the 25 years of our operations, we have successfully forged longstanding relations with our global partners, as one of the most reliable and trustworthy DMCs in India.


Our guests are always “centre stage” and their Indian journey has to be a powerful and lasting memory. A high referral business is a testimony to this as our senior travel experts lead the team to creatively respond to diverse travel wish lists. Private jet tours to ceremonial renewal of vows, individual leisure tours to curated spiritual retreats, setting up remote camp experiences to expert led wildlife excursions. We organise holidays for families, customise research and study projects, business conferences high on community service to alumni and affinity groups. On the pulse of trends and interests are programs that include cycling, off-roading, trekking and hiking, culinary and volunteer programs.



Our latest initiative, WATCH, is inspired by years of traveling through India's National Parks andWildlife Sanctuaries. A WATCH journey offers travelers the opportunity to explore less-visiteddestinations and stay in accommodations which are a unique blend of local architecture, arts, crafts, customs & cuisine. WATCH by Travel Scope consciously supports wildlife lodges & non-profit organizations which are working in these destinations to provide opportunities to localcommunities in education, employment, protecting the environment and wildlife through conservation efforts.


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