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SLEIGH'S - UK & Ireland

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Christopher Sleigh 
Creative Director


Since 1974 the Sleigh Family has specialised in luxury transport and travel. Over the past 45 years they have acquired extensive experience and forged strong connections across every inch of the UK and Ireland to become recognised experts in their areas. It is with great honour that they hold a Royal Warrant for outstanding services to the late Queen.

As a DMC, they pride themselves on curating fully customised and bespoke packages to meet each client’s individual needs and interests. Whether it’s finding a castle to host a special family celebration, organising helicopter transport to a remote picnic spot, or fishing with eagles, their specialist knowledge, attention to detail and desire to provide the highest level of service can help make even the most ambitious of dreams your reality.


  • Scotland

  • England

  • Ireland



  • Specialise in tailor-made exclusive experiences

  • Owners to an extensive ‘Black Book’ of suppliers across the UK & Ireland

  • Leading experts in their fields

  • Provide a full and flexible service across the three company brands – W L Sleigh, Sleigh’s UK & Ireland, and House of Sleigh

  • Local, diverse and talented team who work collaboratively across projects and client itineraries

  • All suppliers and accommodation option are carefully vetted before being stamped with the Sleigh’s seal of approval




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